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Orthopaedic pilates instructor 2023


February 2018

Now qualified

Level 3 Pyhsiology, Anatomy and Pilates Matwork



introducing anna weller

23  years ago I was encouraged by a friend to think about what motivates me and what i value the most, and then to look into this as a starting point for new work. I was very unhappy working in a human resources firm; however the training and presentation experience has been so valuable.

I realised that it was very important to me to eat right and exercise, not only for how I looked, but for health reasons; varicose veins, under active thyroid and injured neck and hips.

So I embarked on a couple of years studying part time whilst still working full time for the HR company. Alongside this I started to pick up some part time gym work to gain the experience of the health and fitness industry; and although a very important step in the right direction, I soon found out that gym life was only a season for me. It was very soon that i started to put my retail management experience and my training consultation experience to the test and embarked on setting up my own health and fitness business.

The gym environment gave me the :

1. experience I needed

2. exposure to taking group sessions, i.e. classes

3. time to invest in further courses and qualifications

Then i started hiring church/youthcentre halls and designing my own Fitness Pilates classes, offering to take healthy eating workshops in clients homes, and then in time 1 to 1 Personal Training.

Wherever I was living, I found an audience who needed, not just wanted, my classes and personal support.

I took a leap of faith and became self employed; and over the years have met so many people who wanted/needed my help with their journey of health and fitness and seen results which bring hope... a new level of energy and of course inspire them to reach for the next level in their health and fitness journey.

I am now about to embark on the next step.... from wherever I am be able to support people with their health and fitness goals virtually and personally. (see my product mix on the front page)


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